Parent Resources for Future Students

Admission Procedure

Our school has a non-discriminatory admissions policy of enrollment for children starting at two years to 5th grade.

  1. Schedule a tour of  the school and observe your child's potential classroom.

  2. Complete an Application for Admission Form and submit non-refundable Registration Fee.

  3. Complete Student Enrollment forms and MCA contract. Return to administration with necessary fees prior to actual school attendance.

  4. Once enrolled, attend Parent Orientation Meeting.  *Contact office for meeting date.

In January prior to the eligible school year, MCA has preferential status for incumbent students and siblings of incumbent students. A letter of Intent to Return Form is sent home in backpacks and posted. Returning students must return the Intent Form and siblings must return the Intent Form and an Application for Admission Form.

Preferential status for new students who are siblings exists until the specified date on the Intent to Return letter. After that date, incumbent students and all siblings of incumbent students lose their preferential enrollment status for all programs during the entire school year. This policy allows for the school to plan enrollment and allows new families to plan for admission to the school. After the date specified on the Intent to Return letter, enrollment will be first-come, first-serve basis in accordance with the date on the Application for Admission Form except in the case of alumni or Montessori transfer students.


Enrollment is very limited and the office should be contacted for availability.

Please note, the school has had a waiting list since July 2014. Spaces for the 2015-16 school year are available if a child leaves MCA due to a parent relocation or such instances. If you would like to register your child for 2015-16 please call the office to find out the current status of the waiting list. New student registration for the 2015-16 school year starts in February 2015.

Enrollment Contract

Enrollment Intake Form

Disciplinary Procedures and Expected Conduct

Authorization for Emergency Medical Care

Know Your Child Care Center


Please contact school office. (305) 225-3070


Uniform Website: http://www.alluniformwear.com/

Uniform Schedule: Uniform Schedule 2015-2016

Useful Links

Part of Montessori Children’s Academy’s mission is to educate our parents and the community about Montessori. Here are some links we have found useful and thought you may enjoy as well.

Montessory Primary Guide Info Montessori has a great introduction to the sensorial activities. You’ll find descriptions of activities to develop each sense along with videos at the site to help you understand how to demonstrate activities using Montessori techniques.
Beautiful Sun Montessori has three photos and listings of sensorial materials below the photos and listings of practical life activities.
Suite 101 Suite 101 has an article by Andrea Coventry breaking down the five senses into nine senses developed through the Montessori sensorial materials.
North American Montessori Center North American Montessori Center also has an article discussing the nine senses. This was part of a series on sensory processing disorder.
Montessori World Montessori World has an overview of sensorial activities. Montessori World also has a free video course with detailed descriptions of the sensorial materials by Margaret Homfray.
Maybe Montessori has a series of blog posts with notes on the Margaret Homfray videos.
Shu-Chen Jenny Yen’s Shu-Chen Jenny Yen’s Montessori Albums has a Montessori Sensorial-Motor Development Album with 35 activities.
My Montessori Journey has a post describing Montessori sensorial activities along with a color-book sensorial extension.
Mont Home has a page of photos of sensorial activities along with each activity’s description, purpose, and whether the material was purchased or handmade.
Montessori Mom Montessori Mom has a post on sensorial education with links to individual sensorial activities.